Image by Saad Chaudhry

Welcome to Iconic Gaming

Iconic Gaming RP is a GTA V FiveM community based in the Australian State of Victoria. It combines the collective experience of several different RP aficionados with a joint vision of open world role play. The overarching vision of the city is to allow players to undertake the role play they wish to with minimal interference from Staff provided that some baseline rules are adhered to. Operating off version 2189 of FiveM and the latest QBCore framework, Iconic Gaming RP does not spare on its customisation and server functionality. From your first moments in the city, you will be greeted by the latest that FiveM has to offer both visually and performance in a vibrant new city to explore.
The Staff at Iconic pride themselves on their responsiveness and understanding of solo players and groups who wish to play together. Operating as a crew brings with it the flexibility of turf and other privileges reserved for experience city occupants. Players who are able to demonstrate quality RP will be permitted to have custom clothing, buildings and functions reserved to that particular organisation (including crafting or the operation of a particular business). We encourage those who have creative ideas as to how they wish to conduct their RP to contact staff for further discussion (via the Discord at first instance).
Finally, we are committed to the use of RP to allow scenarios to play out to their fullest. We trust our players to commit to their story and accept the consequences of their actions in RP. Where possible, the RP avenue of conflict resolution and dealing with hostility will be upheld. The same is true for Staff interactions. We ask that our players respect these overarching principles and familiarise themselves with the rules of the Discord and of the city. Otherwise, we very much look forward to seeing you in Victoria.