Iconic Gaming Server Rules

In Character Rules

Iconic RP Server Rules


By participating in the Iconic Gaming RP online experience, you accept that all online interaction is voluntary, at your sole discretion and is not controlled by (albeit potentially moderated and influenced) by Server Staff. 

By logging into the Iconic Gaming RP, you are deemed to accept and hold Server Staff harmless for any conduct which occurs in the city and/or on the Iconic Gaming RP discord. 

In these rules, “RP” means roleplay and “OOC” means “out of character”. 

The server is based on Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Reference points within the map ought to be well-known places and landmarks in Victoria, Australia. 

The law of the city is the law of Victoria in both criminal and civil cases. Within reason, the practice and procedure of the Supreme Court of Victoria will apply in the city Court in both criminal and civil cases. For example, it will be possible for lawyers to issue suibpoenas for document production in the city and get creative with the way in which legal argument is put. 

The city prides itself on an active and operating judiciary and police force (the VPF). Disputes in the city are to be dealt with in RP. Rule breaks are to be reported to server staff to be dealt with separately. 

All warnings will be recorded by staff and logged. 

All bans issued by staff are permanent but, leaving aside extraneous circumstances, will ordinarily be subject to appeal. The onus is on the appealing party to demonstrate an understanding of the rule break(s) which has/have resulted in the ban and to ensure staff that no further breach will occur. 

If you are permanently banned there will be an appeal process which starts with making a Court application in writing. If that application is compelling you will be unbanned for a Court session in RP where you will plead your case. Persons who do not take care and effort with their ban appeal are likely to be repeat offenders and we do not welcome those persons in the city. 


1.1    RDM (random death match) is not permitted. If you are going to kill another player there must be an RP reason for that action. Randomly shooting or harming other players will result in a warning or ban. 

1.2    VDM (vehicle death match) is not permitted. Your vehicle is not a weapon, you are not to run other players over. Deliberately running other players over will result in a warning or ban. 

1.3    All hospitals and police stations are safe zones. Players are to receive treatment or engage with the police at these venues and then leave the safe zone unless there is an RP reason to remain (for example, a consultation with a doctor or a police interview). Safe zones are not to be used as community congregation areas – if asked to move on from a safe zone you are expected to do so promptly. 

1.4    Communication is to occur in game through phone calls or radio calls. Using external platforms to communicate or share information specific to your character is not permitted. Use of discord or other communication mechanisms outside of those provided for in the city may result in a warning or ban. 

1.5    Combat logging will result in a warning or ban. Combat logging is escaping from an RP situation by disconnecting from the city (whether deliberately or not). If your game crashes or you disconnect, you are to make every effort to notify the persons you were RPing with (if they are known) of the issue and attempt to get back into the city as soon as possible to continue the RP. 

1.6    Metagaming will result in a warning or ban. Meta-gaming is the use of any information gained from any source other than by your character in the city. It includes, but is not limited to, watching streams of other players, communicating in discord with others, making contact with players outside of the city in respect of in character matters and even the use of information obtained on one character by another character. 

1.7    Trolling and interfering with other another player’s RP by imposing yourself on scenarios is frowned upon and may see you facing staff consequences. This is particular so in police scenes or where a paramedic is involved in assisting a character. If the RP has nothing to do with you and you forcefully insert yourself into it, this is considered to be a form of trolling and may result in a warning or ban.

1.8    Power gaming is not permitted in the city and may result in a warning or ban. Power gaming is the use of tools within the mechanics of GTA V which would not be available in real life and therefore ought not to be available in RP. Typing “smashes window and jumps out” to escape from a moving car with locked doors is an example of power gaming. Using known game mechanics to glitch out of a scenario is another instance of power gaming. Combat logging is also a form of power gaming (see rule 1.5). Whilst we encourage creativity in RP, that creativity needs to be met with realism and respect for your fellow player’s RP.

2.1.    You must have a working microphone to participate in the city. Attempting to use text in the city for anything other than RP actions is against server rules and may result in a warning or ban.

2.2.    Racist, sexist, discriminatory or prejudicial communication with other players (whether friends of yours or not) is prohibited and may result in a warning or ban. This includes slurs and derogatory comments which go outside of RP. It is acceptable to swear and conduct yourself in a hostile manner but that hostility must be directed at the characters in the city – not at any player. 

2.3.    Rape and sexual assault RP is strictly prohibited. If a character asks you to stop engaging with them in a sexually provocative way for whatever reason, then you are to stop. If you are in doubt about whether the RP is sexual in nature and you are asked to stop, err on the side of caution and stop. Conduct of this kind is unlikely to result in anything less than a permanent and unappealable ban. 

2.4.    Whilst you are required to be mindful and respectful to other players at all times whilst in Iconic Gaming that does not mean that you are prohibited from acting in a hostile manner – this is RP and criminal characters are not expected to behave as anything less than criminals. What is expected is that you keep your RP to the characters you engage with and not to transcend the city into discord and other communication platforms. Keep your RP in the city please.
[12:47 AM]

3.1.    If you observer or are involved in conduct which, in your view, constitutes a breach of any of the rules set out herein we encourage you to:

3.1.1.    take a note of the persons involved either by “/id” to obtain their unique identifier, by taking a screenshot or by taking a highlight video. This useful evidence will be considered carefully by a member of staff; 

3.1.2.    continue to participate in the RP until it has come to an end and you have removed yourself from the situation (i.e. the scenario has come to an end); 

3.1.3.    once removed from the RP either place a “/report” indicating the breach which has or is occurring and a short description of the incident. 

3.1.4.    Under no circumstances are you to take matters into your own hands and commit your own rule breaks. Rule breaking conduct such as going OOC to call out an RDM or VDM or ramming an alleged rule breaker with a motor vehicle (committing your own rule break) is punishable in the same way as the original rule break – please do not take matters like this into your own hands or face the consequences of doing so.

3.2.    If a staff member requests that you make a support ticket about an incident – or you are involved in an incident which does not involve any rule break requiring immediate action, please make a ticket by visiting the “Support” channel in the Iconic Gaming RP discord and clicking the “Create ticket” button. When making a support ticket please include:

3.2.1.    a description of the incident/matter of concern;

3.2.2.    any screenshot, clip or other evidence in support of the matters being raised for the attention of Staff; and 

3.2.3.    any further or other matter that any Staff member requests of you in that support ticket.
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4.1.    Hostile RP is permitted. 

4.2.    Hostile RP does NOT mean that: 

         4.2.1.    any player can engage in senseless aggravated conduct with another player without a reason to do so; and

         4.2.2.    it is open to players to randomly rob players with no motivation to do so. Killing random players is RDM if the person does not comply. 

         4.2.3.   it is open to players to rob others while they down. You are NOT to rob any player who is downed. 

         4.2.4.   you can continue to take that hostility to hospitals. Hospitals are safe zones, no hostility is to take place at them. Equally, camping in a hospital to avoid hostile RP is a breach of city rules. You are not to camp in hospitals - get patched up and move on. 

         4.2.5.   you are able to rob law enforcement or EMS. Law enforcement and EMS are off limits for robbing (we may change this in the future) 

4.3.    Hostile RP does means that you are entitled to: 

         4.3.1.    take up an issue with another player/group and escalate the hostility towards that player if matters remain unresolved between you from verbal RP; and 

         4.3.2.    take steps to protect locations or turf that you are interested in holding down (and a conversation should be had with a member of staff about holding down particular locations/turf/buildings).

4.4.    In connection with hostile RP being permitted you are required to treat your character’s life in the city as one that is to be feared and protected. At the end of the day, there is very little in life worth dying over (in terms of material possessions). If you do not fear for your life when involved in a life-threatening scenario then be prepared for Staff to permanently delete the character slot if that character is killed as a consequence of failure to fear for life. Repeat offenders of this rule may face a warning or ban. 

5.1.    TBC

5.2.    If there are no paramedics in the city, 4 minutes after being downed you will be offered a prayer revive without any player penalty. A prayer revive teleports your character to the nearest hospital where they will not remember the last 30 minutes of RP (including their cause of death). If the cause of death was witnessed, another character may inform your character as to their cause of death etc. but not otherwise. 

5.3.    If there is a paramedic in the city, a prayer revive will be made available after 8 minutes and cost the player $5000. A prayer revive teleports your character to the nearest hospital where they will not remember the last 30 minutes of RP (including their cause of death). If the cause of death was witnessed, another character may inform your character as to their cause of death etc. but not otherwise. 

5.4.    If your character is injured in RP, you are expected to deal with those injuries in RP. If your character is involved in a car accident they should not race off as though nothing has happened (indeed, if they crash into another player, they should ensure the other player is OK before going on their way). If you are involved in medical RP because a paramedic has been called out to the scene then you are to engage in the medical RP to the satisfaction of the paramedic. Running away after being treated without the consent of the treating paramedic or ignoring the requests of paramedics when needing medical RP may result in a warning or ban. 

6.1.    It should go without saying, but any form of exploitation of in game mechanics will result in a permanent and unappealable ban. If you do encounter an exploit in game mechanics you are required to make a support ticket in the Iconic Gaming RP discord setting out a brief description of the exploit or potential exploit, screenshot or clip evidence of it occurring and any other particular circumstances which caused the exploit to arise. 

6.2.    Players who adhere with rule 6.1 when discovering an exploit will not face disciplinary action. As above, players who are discovered exploiting through log investigations and other administrative tools will be subject to a permanent and unappealable ban. 

6.3.    Use of any hack, third party tool or programs to alter the ordinary function of the city will result in a permanent and unappealable ban. 

6.4.    Attempts to transfer assets between unrelated characters to avoid the consequences of a permanent death is a form of exploitation and may result in a warning or ban.

6.5   For abundant clarity, access to any item that you have, on any of your characters (police, ambulance, mechanic etc), is to be used EXCLUSIVELY for that job - to be returned when you go off duty. Any form of transferring those items - whether to another of your characters or to another person is an "acid transfer" - the consequence of which is a permanent ban without appeal rights.  Frankly, you might as well have used a mod menu and spawned the items into the city - which is why the ban is treated in the same way as a forced exploit. The items to conduct your job are provided free of charge in the city solely for the purpose of performing that function.
6.6   Transfers of any amount above 100k to another player for any reason is NOT to occur without express approval from Staff. This is presumed to be a form of acid transferring due to OOC relationships people have and may result in a warning or ban. 


7.1.    All bans from staff members of Iconic Gaming RP will be permanent in the first instance. No prior warning is required or logged to incur a permanent ban, although the prospects of a ban increase materially if a player has been warned about particular conduct previously. 

7.2.    Bans are at the unilateral discretion of Iconic Gaming RP Staff and no player has any right to any appeal avenue. 

7.3.    Notwithstanding rule 7.2, a player may make a request for an unban in the Iconic Gaming RP discord under the judiciary sub-forum “ban-appeals” section. The ban appeal process is as follows:

7.3.1.    A player is to fill out the content of the template ban appeal pinned in the “ban-appeals” section of the judiciary sub-forum. Any application which does not attend to the requirements of the appeal template will be rejected without further consideration. 

7.3.2.    If Iconic Gaming RP staff are satisfied with the content of the application then the character involved in the contravening conduct will be unbanned at a time and date to be determined by Iconic Gaming RP staff for the purposes of appearing in Court to plead their appeal before a Judge. 

7.3.3.    The Judge’s determination of ban appeals is final. In addition to ordering an unban of a player, a Judge can impose a separate sentence for the character in city if deemed appropriate. 

7.3.4.    There is no right of appeal or recourse following a Judge’s determination of a ban appeal.

8.1   You are not permitted to escape any robbery into the water. This comes under the definition of "powergaming" (see r 1.8) and may result in a warning or ban. 

8.2   You are not permitted to sell anything whilst driving or riding any vehicle. "Corner selling" means two feet on the ground and selling. 

8.3   You are not permitted to use motorcycles in any robberies of any kind (including house robberies).

8.4   You are not permitted to bring OOC drama into the city and start issues with people based on your OOC interactions. If you have a character who has flown in from a different city who has an issue with another character, you are not expected to forget everything that has happened in your life, but any hostility will need to start again and be based on issues arising in this city. You obviously don't have to be best friends in Iconic but we will not be regulating your drama from other cities. 

8.5   You are not to involve yourself in other people's RP - particularly gang RP. If you choose the gang life, prepare to stand on your own feet or have your gang privileges removed - we don't tolerate hand-holding. If you are confused about what you are/are not able to do please reach out to a @Gang Admin (and consult the specific gang rules).

8.6A   With the introduction of player run businesses, anyone working in a business is NOT to be targeted by any gang or hostile RP. They will not have their colours on, they will be working a function of the city which is there for everyone to enjoy. Do NOT attempt to further any hostile RP when someone is on shift. 

8.6B   Businesses are not an extension of any gang, they are a service provided to the city. Hiding behind a job to avoid gang conflict is the same as camping the hospital and is not permitted. Businesses are expected to hire people from different groups to avoid inactivity due to gang conflict - if businesses fail to diversify their employment that is their problem and government is keeping a keen watch on inactive businesses. No more than two (2) members of any gang are to service a business at any one point in time.

8.7   You are NOT to start any fresh hostility 30 minutes prior to a known tsunami (3am and 3pm) - this includes robbing people or taking them hostage.  If you are involved in existing hostility (e.g. gang feud), wind it down for the last 30 minutes. Attempting to use the tsunami to gain a strategic advantage is a form of exploiting and will be treated as such. 

8.8 Expecting police to open doors for you during a heist (particularly the Vangelico heist) is silly - there are other ways to access these heists and you will now be required to find those other ways. Police are to refuse your access, if you insist on RPing that you will kill the hostage in those circumstances, you will be committing a rule break. To be clear, nothing in the city requires a police officer to access it for you.

8.9  Motorcycles are prohibited from any profit-geared criminal activity, including drug sales. This does not include gang activity or any of the city's events. This rule does not include the scooter. 


These rules are subject to change at any time and for any reason. The rules application to the city are those which appear in the “server-rules” section of the Iconic Gaming RP discord at any given time. 

26th Nov 2021